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Josh Waxman

Josh Waxman is a business owner, success coach, and entrepreneur. Josh was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a father who was a multi-restaurant owner and a mother who was an attorney and preschool teacher. Growing up in this environment, he learned the key principles of success, business, and leadership, which created a burning desire to be successful at a young age. Throughout high school, Josh managed his father’s two locations, played quarterback and linebacker on his high school football team, and started multiple businesses, including a clothing line, healthy energy drink company, and restaurant training company. 


After graduating high school in 2014, Josh attended the University of Miami, where he studied Finance and Management. He then moved back to Philadelphia in 2016 with the opportunity to buy his first restaurant franchise. Josh and his father created the first training program in the company’s 65-year history, and began implementing the systems and procedures into their stores. This new way of operating business allowed Josh to open his second franchise in Center City Philadelphia in January 2019.


In June 2020, Josh made a transformational decision to sell his franchises and move back to Miami to pursue his dream of creating a system that inspires young people to be successful and improve their consciousness. This passion comes from his belief that every human being has the ability to achieve and become all that they desire by focusing on simple actions one day at a time, repeated consistently over and over again. 


Josh created The Infinite Success Company to teach the knowledge of personal development and self-education that he has been studying since he was a teenager. He combined different strategies for setting goals, developing skills, and manifesting dreams to create his own system for success: The Infinite Success System, which he guides people through using a 16-week online course.


Over the past seven years since he began his personal development journey, Josh has started 10 different businesses, achieved over $2,000,000 in sales, and reinvented his Self and his businesses multiple times. Josh has spoken in front of thousands of people, at schools, universities, sports teams, seminars, and corporations. When he is not producing, Josh appreciates reading, writing, meditating, and exercising. He loves being involved in the local community, supporting youth sports teams, charities, and organizations. Josh continues to be an influential leader in the community and inspire others through his businesses.

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